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Authentic Shilajit Resin 10g


Size: 10gm
Phytocannabinoids: 100mg
Brand: Highland Pharms

Ingredients: Naturally Occuring Shiljit Resin

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10 grams of Shilajit in the container. This is 100 ? 100mg servings. It is recommended to take a 100mg serving twice per day.
Most like to dissolve it in hot tea, but any hot liquid will do. Alternatively, you can dissolve it in your mouth.
However, the taste is quite strong and many do not like it. The flavor is much like a burnt licorice.

Before deciding its effects on you, we recommend taking a rice grain to pea size serving, 2x per day, for
a minimum of 10 days before determining its effects on you.
Ingredients (10g):
Naturally Occuring Shiljit Resin

Shilajit as a plant based mineral resin that literally oozes from the Earth, high up in the Himalayan Mountains. It has at least 85 trace minerals and other elements making it one of the most mineral rich food sources on the planet. It also contains fulvic acid which assists in delivering the minerals and elements into the cellular level of the body. It was first noticed over 5000 years ago when indigenous monkeys were seen going high into the mountains and coming down with just as much energy and vigor as they had when they went up. Local sherpas followed them to find that they were climbing to get to a black resin literally oozing from cracks in the mountains. The monkeys would eat it and return just as energetic as they had been before the long climb. BENEFITS OF SHILAJIT*:
Delivers 85 Minerals & Trace Elements Directly to the Body?s Cells
Maintains the Body?s Optimum Metabolic Rate thru Balancing Electrolyte Levels and Burning Excess Fat
Considered as Ayurvedic Medicine to Increase the Body?s Central Energy which is Responsible for Sexual and Spiritual Power
Traditionally been Consumed to Raise Immunity, Strength, Stamina and Endurance
Traditionally used to Reduce Inflammatory Conditions like Arthritis & Speed Healing and Recovery Time of Tendons and Muscles
Been Effective in Reducing or Relieving Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Mental Agitation
Possesses Ability to Enhance Effectiveness of Other Herbs
Provides Natural and Organic Way to Enhance Health and Athletic Performance

You can find a lot of places selling Shilajit. Or, at least something they are calling Shilajit. Honestly, many of these products are either powders which have been extracted using solvent based means, or are diluted shilajit, or worse, are not real at all, they are synthetic. To know REAL Shilajit, it will always be a gummy resin that looks very much like a black tar substance. If it is chilled, it will be solid and thick. If it is warmed, it will become soft, almost like honey, but usually not quite that runny. Only pure and true Shilajit will change from thick and solid to soft and gooey with the temperature change. If it is a powder or powder in a capsule, it IS NOT PURE.

Further, there are actually 4 different grades of Shilajit. Only the finest quality, most pure Shilajit will provide all the legendary effects it is known for. To find this type of Shilajit is exceptionally rare indeed and one must source it directly from over 15,000 feet up in the Himalayan Mountains on the border of India and Nepal.
Pure and Authentic Shilajit will never have been subjected to any solvents, processing or alterations in any way. It will be naturally purified, according to the traditional Tibetan ways, with filtered mountain spring water, before being laboratory tested for safety.
The founder of Lotus Blooming Herbs has personally traveled to the region high up in the Himalayan Mountains to source the actual Shilajit resin used in their products. They do not deal with anyone other than the indigenous people who have been harvesting by hand, Authentic Shilajit the same ways for millenia. The relationships and personal connections that Lotus Blooming Herbs has with these local Himalayan people allow them to select allow the highest grade Shilajit. Lotus Blooming Herbs treats the people and the lands with respect. Ayurvedic experts recognize that the Shilajit from where Lotus Blooming Herbs sources theirs is known to be the highest quality source of Shilajit in the world. They take this pure, earth made treasure and package it in sealed, food grade and BPA Free, non reactive containers in its genuine black resin form.
*DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All material provided is meant to be for educational purposes only and should not substitute for a medical consultation. All readers are strongly encouraged to consult and work with an experienced health-care practitioner.

Weight 3 oz
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