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Moringa Capsules – 120ct


Size: 120ct
Phytocannabinoids: 380mg
Brand: Highland Pharms

Ingredients: Vegan Capsule (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose ?s derived from vegetable cellulose and purified water),Moringa Powder

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Our exceptionally High Potency Moringa is incredibly fresh and pure. The freshness and purity all begins in the eco-friendly fields where it is grown. Organically grown, the moringa trees are never exposed to harsh chemicals. Rather, they are grown naturally in their native habitat in Asia. During the harvest and all the way through the processing, the leaves are never exposed to high temperatures. This is why our moringa powder is green: it represents how fresh it is. Always GMO FREE, Artificial Flavor FREE, Artificial Preservative FREE, Gluten FREE.

Our Moringa Capsules are simply full of fresh, pure plant. Brought to you to help maintain your body?s health in optimum condition.* These capsules are easy to take and easy to swallow. Generally, most people take one in the morning and one in the evening. Some people prefer to take 2 at one time each day. Each Capsule is 380mg of Moringa.

Ingredients (380mg per capsule)
Vegan Capsule (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose ? is derived from vegetable cellulose and purified water)
Moringa Powder
Benefits of Moringa
Many of the capsules sold by other brands have less milligrams of moringa per capsule. And, oftentimes, theirs is brown, which indicates it has been exposed to high heat or over-processed, thus reducing the efficacy of the plant?s nutrients. We always maintain our plant powder in the gentlest of conditions to maintain its purity and freshness.

* We cannot make any promise that moringa will heal, treat or cure any disease or health condition.

Weight 3 oz
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